Documenting part of his 250km walk around Beijing, I worked with artist Fuller to edit and grade drone footage to a soundtrack provided by producer Benjamin One. All work was done remotely, with me in the UK and Fuller in Beijing.

Promotional video to demonstrate a portable cross-fader for scratch DJs. All filmed outdoors across Bristol, I shot using a track and dolly making the most of the varied terrain the city offers.

A collaboration with artist Fuller to promote his latest work 'London Town'. I filmed the artist sketching in his studio and close ups of the piece, these were edited together with Fuller's own POV shots of the city. London provided it's own unique soundtrack for the film.  

Directed by Tom Mansfield, working in sub zero temparatures I filmed high frame rate dolly shots and close ups for this experimental piece on ice sculpture 

The client wanted a vintage look for this music video which I directed, filmed and edited. Several dubs back and forth to VHS of the final edit gave it that genuine feel. 

Filmed on the Bestival site to promote it's 10th year. Multiple award winning JFB live mixes the all time best festival artists to have appeared in the Bestival history.

A live one take, muti camera shoot, including overhead and dolly shots, rigged in a fake tree.

A short film collaboration with music producer Benjamin One and actor Adam Hussam Murray. I filmed on location including many gimbal and slider shots.

Pancho stars as the Pied Piper. He leads skateboarders across Bristol to their goal of cider, in this promotional video I directed and edited.

I directed this promotional video for Solid Steel DJs Food, Cheeba and Moneyshot. 

Shot live and in one continuous take, with 8 cameras including a jib and dolly. On a boat.